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A top performer in Ogso's ski lineup, the Cosmique stands out for its versatility and fun factor. This ULTRALIGHT TOURING ski is engineered for your grandest outdoor excursions while ensuring a confident and effortless ride across various terrains.

OGSO COSMIQUE 90 Touring Ski

SKU: 364215376135191
  • OGSO introduces the SUPER ROCKER CARBON ULTRALIGHT skis, meticulously crafted for unforgettable days in the backcountry, chasing untouched powder. Engineered with the SUPER ROCKER shape, these skis ensure smooth, surfy turns, elevating your adventure across diverse terrain. Experience seamless turn initiation and tail release, making on-piste carving a breeze. When you engage the edges, the short camber guarantees precise control and an exhilarating ride. Constructed with ultralight carbon, aramid, and basalt technology, these skis are dynamic, lively, and highly responsive. The SR UL skis are a versatile choice, suitable for all skill levels, providing effortless navigation through challenging, technical landscapes or swift maneuvering in wooded areas.

    • Core: Ultra Light Paulownia Woodcore
    • Rubber Foil Dampening
    • Vibration Reducer
    • Fiberglass Middle Ski Power Sheet
    • Phenol Binding Reinforcement
    • Torsion Stabilizer - Gross-Band: Carbon Fiber - Fiberglass
    • Middle Ski Power Sheet - Fiberglass
    • Multiaxial Fabric: Carbon Fiber - Aramid Fiber- 3-Acial Fiberglass
    • Side Wall ABS
    • Race Edge Stainless Steel
    • Heel Shock Absorber
    • Ultimate Speed Base Hard Polyethylene
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