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Thor embodies the essence of Ultralight Touring, designed for extended, adventurous days in the expansive alpine landscape.

OGSO Thor 90 Touring Ski

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Meet THOR, a ski built for versatility and liveliness, ready to conquer any terrain under all snow conditions. Engineered with Neoteric Design, it offers unmatched precision, control, and power. The elongated, elevated nose ensures effortless turn initiation and seamless gliding over powdery surfaces, eliminating the need to lean back. With a flat tail, experience heightened control, stability, and astonishing power through every turn.

    Whether you're seeking a superlight touring ski for confident exploration across diverse terrains or a technical challenge requiring utmost control, THOR is your perfect companion. Elevate your skiing experience with THOR, where versatility meets precision and excitement!

    • Core: Paulownia Woodcore

    • Rubber Foil Dampening

    • Vibration Reducer

    • Fiberglass Middle Ski Power Sheet

    • Phenol Binding Reinforcement

    • Torsion Stabilizer - Gross-Band: Carbon Fiber - Fiberglass

    • Middle Ski Power Sheet - Fiberglass

    • Multiaxial Fabric: Carbon Fiber - Aramid Fiber - 3-Axial Fiberglass

    • Side Wall ABS

    • Race Edge Stainless Steel

    • Heel Shock Absorber

    • Ultimate Speed Base Hard Polyethylene

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